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Are you considering making use of conveyancing solicitors in the Sunshine Coast to expertly handle your property transaction? Whether you are buying or selling a property, be it a house, a unit, or a piece of land, you will require professional property conveyancing services. 


The process of legally transferring property ownership from one owner to the next may seem easy and relatively straightforward, but it is surprisingly complex. Even a small mistake or oversight during this process could end up costing you a bundle of money or even the whole transaction. Thus, the role of professional conveyancing in selling a property, or buying property, for that matter, should not be overlooked.


From the initial preparation of the necessary legal documentation and contracts to the eventual registration of the property on the land registry and the final transfer of funds between the parties, this function of the process holds many potential pitfalls for buyers and sellers of property alike. It is best handled by a licensed and duly qualified professional.


While a licensed property conveyancer does not have to be a solicitor, it is worth noting that the latter is a qualified legal practitioner and can handle all aspects commonly associated with the buying and selling of property, including advising you on and dealing with complex legal matters that may arise from such a transaction.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Legal Conveyancing

Whatever reasons people put forth to opt-out of making use of professional legal house conveyancing services, the fact is, they simply do not hold water. Many factors make up this function of the property transaction, many of which hold risks for both buyers and sellers. Making use of commercial and residential conveyancing solicitors makes sense and brings peace of mind to both property buyers and property sellers.

  • It is, legally speaking, possible to handle your own buying or selling house conveyancing. However, it is highly advisable to use a solicitor's services when buying property or selling it. While not all conveyancers are solicitors, one should note that a conveyancer is trained in commercial or residential property conveyancing, but is not a legal professional able to deal with some of the more complex legal matters that may arise from such a transaction. Professional legal advice is an important aspect of property conveyancing, and saving a buck is not a good enough reason for you to take the unnecessary risk.

  • There is no such thing as a simple or standard property transaction. Property is a big investment, and whether you want to sell or buy land in the Sunshine Coast, there is potentially a lot to lose. When it comes to these matters, it is always better to err on the side of caution and use a solicitor, who will act on behalf of the parties making sure that everything transpires in the manner that it is supposed to.

  • We are dedicated to our craft, ensuring that the rights of our clients are, at all times, protected and that our clients have the best legal advice. We offer friendly, professional, and reliable service, always going the extra mile to make sure our clients stand to benefit.

  • As a local area practitioner, it makes sense to engage the services of a local practitioner for your home lawyers and conveyancing requirements. As a conveyancing solicitor, Bush to Beach LEGAL can represent you in all your property transactions as well as in other matters.

The Benefits of Choosing Bush to Beach LEGAL as Your Conveyancer in Sunshine Coast

We offer a comprehensive and professional service to our clients. As trained legal professionals, we can advise on a wide range of legal issues that may come up regarding your property transaction, whether you are a buyer or a seller. When it comes to selling property, or if you would like to buy property in the Sunshine Coast, we will ensure that your transaction is concluded quickly and without unnecessary hassles.

  • We live and work in the Sunshine Coast, and as such, we deal daily with local residential and commercial property transactions. In addition to rendering the best property conveyancing service from a legal perspective, we also have extensive knowledge of the local property industry and advise you accordingly.

  • Don't sign anything before your solicitor has checked and verified that all is legally in order and that, by singing, you are not legally compromised. We offer a complimentary contract advisory service on all transactions (sales and purchases) for which we handle the conveyancing, thus ensuring that your legal rights are effectively protected at all times.

  • We offer an extensive range of property-related services in the Sunshine Coast. These include residential conveyancing (sales and purchases), rural conveyancing, commercial conveyancing, commercial and retail lease agreements, retirement village lease agreements, property development, and sub-divisions.

  • One of the most common reasons that property transactions go wrong, is the misunderstanding of legal documentation and contracts, and thus the incorrect implementation of the stipulations thereof. One of the many functions of the property conveyancer is ensuring that all involved parties fully understand their duties and that these stipulations are adhered to at every step of the transaction.

  • Property transactions are time-sensitive, and steps need to be completed at specified times or within certain timeframes during the transaction. You need to follow the process, and submit documentation correctly and on time. Not only does a conveyancing solicitor ensure that every process is carried out correctly according to the letter of the law, but they also ensure the processes conclude within the correct timeframe.

About Bush to Beach LEGAL

Bush to Beach Legal consists of a highly professional team headed by police officer come legal practitioner, long-time Sunshine Coast resident and Principal Solicitor, Luke Gould, who has, since qualifying as a legal practitioner, also completed his Master of Laws (Applied Law) majoring in property.


We are highly dedicated to our craft and our community, proudly serving our customers in the Sunshine Coast and beyond with honour and integrity, ensuring that their legal and property requirements are met with absolute efficiency. We pride ourselves on rendering the highest standard of service.