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Wills and Estates

Get Your Wills and Estates in Order

You are never too young to discuss your wills and estates with a lawyer to ensure everything is in order should something happen to you. Your lawyer can also give you advice on how to choose a power of attorney should you be hospitalised or develop advanced health problems that leave you unable to make your own medical decisions. At Bush to Beach LEGAL, we are here to help you draw up these documents as well as conveyancing documents when buying and selling a house.

What You Should Know About Conveyancing Buying and Selling

Unless you have bought or sold a piece of real estate, you may not have come across the work conveyancing. Simply put, this word means the transfer of a title deed from a seller to the buyer. Any good lawyer who deals with real estate can assist you with the nitty-gritty of conveyancing, but it is always best to know more about buying and selling property. Here are a few things you should know about conveyancing buying and selling.

  • Contract of sale. Once you have sold your property, a property lawyer will draw up a contract that stipulates the responsibilities of both parties when it comes to the sale.

  • Deposit. A conveyancing solicitor will be responsible for paying the deposit on behalf of the buyer. A buyer will normally pay a deposit after signing the contract of sale, to secure the property.

  • Title transfer. Once the buyer has gone through their "cooling-off" period and chooses to go ahead with the purchase, your lawyer will draw up the transfer of title deed papers

Benefits of Property Lawyers

When buying or selling a house or piece of land, finding a good property lawyer should be at the top of your list. These types of lawyers will ensure that the sale or purchase goes as smoothly as possible without giving you a headache. Here are some reasons you should trust a property lawyer and what you stand to gain when you use one.

  • Contracts. The contract between buyer and seller consists of numerous pages of legal jargon. Having a property lawyer on hand will make drawing up and going through this process less difficult.

  • The closing. When a sale goes through the closing process, you will want to take a housing solicitor with you to explain the legal terms.

  • Knowledgeable advice. Anyone looking to sell or buy property should consult with a property lawyer to ensure they the process is fair. They will give you advice about the whole process so you will know what to expect.

Why Trust Us Regarding Housing Lawyers

Our company focuses mainly on property law, the buying and selling of commercial or residential properties, and wills. All our employees are qualified and highly professional individuals who are always available to assist with legal advice when it comes to buying and selling different types of properties. Our principal solicitor, Luke Gould completed his Master of Laws where he majored in property law, making him the ideal housing lawyer from which to get advice.

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We highly recommend that you seek advice from our solicitor prior to signing any Contract, to
ensure your rights are protected. Bush to Beach Legal offer this as a complimentary service with any
purchase or sale.