Property Law Sunshine Coast

For Property Law in the Sunshine Coast, a Professional is Best

Buying a home or business property is likely the biggest and most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. As a seller or a buyer - what are your responsibilities? What are the regulations in your state? Know your rights but know when to get professional guidance too. Because property law is different from other types, it’s essential to work with trained solicitors. We have the background, experience, and capacity to assist you with property law in the Sunshine Coast

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Property Conveyancing 

Given what’s at stake, it makes sense to be careful, but not everyone is. Some common mistakes include: 

  • Not reading the contract. Key information included or left out here could cost you afterwards. Not only in terms of direct expenses, but in legal costs too. Our most serious advice to any potential buyer or seller is to get your contract reviewed – before you sign. 

  • Not inspecting the property thoroughly. As a layman, there’s no guarantee that you’ll notice everything or even know what to look for, and you usually can’t rely on the seller to highlight flaws. Hiring a home inspector will help identify those flaws and safeguard you from unwanted expenses later.

  • Not putting it in writing. What’s already in writing – the contract - is crucial to check. What’s not in writing is also important, particularly promises made by the seller based on the home inspection. Without securing these assurances in writing, you may find yourself left to deal with the seller’s damage, damp, rubble, or termites, for example. 

  • Not using a professional. Trying to do it yourself may be the biggest mistake of all. To ensure a smooth and cost-effective transfer, why not use trained property legal solicitors? You’ll pay a little more now but save in the long run.

What sets Bush to Beach Legal Apart Regarding Residential Property Law?

Residential and commercial property conveyancing is our focus, so you can be confident that we have the required knowledge and proficiency. The benefits of using us include: 

  • Free contract review. When you sign-up with us, we’ll review your contract for free. Our comprehensive evaluation will ensure there are no hidden costs to catch you out later. 

  • Area knowledge. Born and raised in Queensland, and currently living in the Sunshine Coast, we know the area. Our principal solicitor has been admitted as Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland, and we are members of the Queensland Law Society.

Bush to Beach Legal offers affordable property law advice for residential - whether private or hospitality, and commercial - including retail leases and property development. We advise on both urban and rural property matters. Use our skills and service to take some of the complexity and worry out of selling or buying.

Related services we provide 

To keep you protected on all fronts, we also offer: 


  • Wills. You trust us to transfer your home or office. Now let us make sure your property and possessions also find the right home when you’re gone, and that your family is not left vulnerable. 

  • Estates. Managing estates isn’t easy, especially after the loss of a loved one. We can help to ease that burden when the time comes. 

  • Personal protection. Look after yourself and your belongings with an Enduring Power of Attorney or an advance health directive (a Living Will).


Don’t leave anything to chance. Bush to Beach Legal can help you specify your intentions in writing and provide peace of mind. 


If you’re in Queensland and need residential property lawyers or a commercial property solicitor, we can assist. We’re in the Sunshine Coast, but you don’t need to be. With the option to do e-conveyancing, we can now help you no matter where in Queensland you’re located. 

Don’t get into trouble or pay more than you need to. Phone or email us today, or ask our friendly chatbot for assistance.