Wills and Estates 

How to Keep Wills and Estates Legalities Simple

If you don’t have extensive knowledge or experience dealing with wills and estates, things can get complicated. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the stress and excessive paperwork that comes with property wills if you turn to professional assistance.

The Benefits of a Will Estate Lawyer

You can look forward to a much smoother, uncomplicated process when using a professional. Here are just some of the benefits: 

  • When you use a lawyer to help you with your estate and will documentation, you know that you have continuous assistance from them when necessary. These documents are not a once-off draft and may be updated a few times, depending on which circumstances surround them. This way, you know your legal team will make any necessary updates accordingly. 

  • Speaking of necessary updates, when you turn to professionals for help with your will, you know that they will use the correct wording. We will professionally draft all the necessary documents and include all the relevant information in the appropriate legal terms. We will also obtain all the required signatures and provide any guidance you need.

  • When you use a legal professional to draft a will, you know that it will comply with any current law and requirements. You as an individual may not possess the knowledge or experience required to adequately draft one of these within legal parameters and cause your family much heartache and stress after you pass away. 

There are some significant benefits associated with using an experienced attorney to help you with your estate and will planning. 

Common Mistakes Made With Wills in the Sunshine Coast

When drafting a will, our professional team will assist you in avoiding the following pitfalls:

  • A predominant mistake made frequently is the vague use of language. You need to be clear and concise when drafting these as you do not want to leave any room for assumptions or interpretation. You must be specific in what you choose to leave behind for your loved ones to avoid any challenges to the details of your will.

  • You should not involve any beneficiaries in the will and estate drafting process. They are not allowed to either help draft or sign the will as a witness – it will disqualify them from receiving anything in future

  • You may think that equally sharing your assets seems like the most neutral idea, but it can cause problems in future. You can divide money evenly between parties, but assets have different values and can also get complicated. For example, there may be assets given to one particular party that other parties also rely on (a house everyone lives in, a car everyone uses and so on). 

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